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  • Hebridean scallops have a beautiful roe or "coral" except once a year when they release all their eggs. This is usually in mid July, but it can vary and sometimes it can be twice a year. This is called "spawning", and after spawning they start to build up roe again until the next spawning. Just before spawning the roe is very large and can be 30% of the scallop. All scallops have roe as they are both male and female (hermaphrodite). They are caught year round on the eastern seaboard of the Hebrides of Scotland and are landed to us every night at local harbours. This ensures maximum freshness of the produce as it is on its way to our customers within 24 hours.
    Scallops are 'shucked', ie. removed from the shells in our modern premises. They are then cleaned and placed in plastic tubs and packed in polystyrene with ice or icebags depending on mode of travel required for delivery to customers. This ensures that our product is of excellent quality, flavour and texture.
  • Brown crabs are caught in creels in the traditional method year round on the eastern and western seaboard of the Hebrides and is available fresh or frozen almost all year round. The best meat is in the crab claws and the male has much larger claws than the female. The female crab or "hen" is in the best condition in August, September and October. Crab claws are hand picked which gives a chunky look to the meat and maximises taste and flavour.
  • Scottish lobster is world famous for its flavour. It is strong and travels live to any destination. Our lobster is caught in creels in the traditional way on the Atlantic seaboard off the Hebrides which can only be fished at certain times of the year, so is available from May until Christmas. When the winter storms come in no fishing can be carried out, so this is not always available out of season, but sometimes we can have till Christmas as lobsters are stored towards the end of the season in anticipation of a strong Christmas market when discerning buyers much prefer the Scottish lobster and pay a premium for it.
  • Creel caught Langoustine are caught in creels on the East of the Hebrides, sometimes in waters as deep as 100 fathoms! The langoustine live in holes or burrows in the soft muddy bottom and are tempted out and into the creels by herring bait. The smaller ones can escape through the netting mesh. Did you know that when you go abroad and eat Langoustine it almost certainly came from Scotland?
  • Everyone smoking salmon has his own tricks of the trade. We think ours is one of the best. Try it and see!
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King Scallops: Fresh catches daily. Crab Meat: Fresh catches daily. Lobster: Limited supplies available. We can also supply winkles or white fish as demand requires. Prices vary according to season, weather and availability, so please contact us for current price.

Cooked Prawn Tails: £12/kg
Prawn Tails

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